Project Description


Wedpics, The #1 Photo & Video Sharing App for your Wedding! Create your FREE wedding. Invite your guests. Enjoy your photos in one place. Spend more time enjoying your memories and less time chasing them down.

Op een huwelijksfeest worden dag van vandaag heel wat foto’s genomen met smartphones. Deze foto’s van vrienden, familie krijgen jullie amper te zien. Doe iets met die foto’s en voeg deze samen in een fotoalbum. Deel en beleef de herinnering van jullie huwelijk, niet door de ogen van jullie fotograaf, maar door de ogen van jullie genodigden! Via de gratis app wedpics kunnen de genodigden foto’s nemen en toevoegen aan jullie digitale stand alone album, een leuke extra is zeker dat bij de foto’s kan ook tekst geplaatst kan worden. website:

Veel gestelde vragen (faq)

  • Why should we use Wedpics?
    Chasing down photos of your big day is a hassle that you don’t want to experience.
    WedPics allows you to capture candid guest photos at all of your wedding events for FREE. Create your album today!
  • How much does Wedpics cost ?
    Use WedPics to capture guest photos for FREE! Premium features are available to enhance the experience for you and wedding guests.
  • Which smartphones and other devices are compatible with Wedpics?
    WedPics is available on iPhone (iOS 9.0+) and Android (4.4+).
    For guests that prefer to use traditional digital cameras or have other mobile devices, they can upload their photos directly to WedPics via the web using a computer. We also encourage your wedding photographer to share his or her photos to your album as well!
  • How do we let our guets know to use Wedpics at our wedding? We provide you with several tools to get your wedding guests on board and using WedPics.
    – Order WedPics invite cards, custom made with your names, Wedding ID, and instructions for your guest
    – Send custom generated invites via email
    – Send custom generated invites via text message (app only)
    – Send custom generated invites to your Facebook friends
  • How do wedding guests begin using Wedpics ?
    It’s fast and easy for guests to start using WedPics – simply download our free app from the App Store/Google Play and all they’ll need is your unique Wedding ID when registering! Those without an iPhone or Android can still participate on the web
  • Can we download our Wedpics photos to our computer ?
    Absolutely! Enjoy our Diamond Package and instantly save unlimited photos on the app or website in their highest quality, perfect for cropping, resizing, and printing. Click the download button on any pin or select the download album button after the wedding on the app or website.